How Our Service Works

Our service is subscription based.

Every month we work with you to give you a huge amount of exposure, and get your music played by people that are interested in your musicĀ genre.

Once you have signed up you will be assigned a manger who will forward to you an online form, this form will ask you about your online brand and your social media profiles and find out as much as we can about you and your vision for your sounds.

We then get a plan together (you and your manager) and put it into action, growing your social following along the way, you can expect to see organic growth of your profiles and shares and plays of your tracks. We work to build your following on social media channels, These include but not limited to SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube you can expect to gain a large following of people month after month,

After we have raised your profile we can then approach social media influencers in your music niche and get there help in promotingĀ  your sounds.

Leave us to promote you on all media outlets and get your music viral.